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Reducing your commute doesn’t just benefit the planet, it also dramatically improves your work-life balance.

Being able to pop to the house to get a delivery or put on some washing is invaluable.

By creating a quiet working space, close to your house, you can also ensure that you leave your work at the office after a long day.

No more juggling with laptops and kitchen tables. Garden rooms can add a room to your home, usually without planning permission required.

Garden Office

Underfloor heating and air conditioning can make your home office usable year around.

Clients we have worked with have included bathrooms, kitchens and even a gym into their home office.

A garden room is a more affordable solution than an extension on your home, and garden rooms typically complete work in less than 2 weeks, so there is not the inconvenience that is associated with an extension. To book your free site visit – click here.